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There are many things we have in common, every day very real things like the fact we are wives, mothers, some of us have a job or several. We are friends who enjoy each other’s company while having coffee or playing cards. But what brought us together here is our passion for books, our weakness for hot alpha males and our love for a good story that we’ll take with us for a long, long time, especially when it makes us cry.

This blog was an inevitable, unavoidable, natural evolution to our book buddy friendship. We are still having hard time figure things out like what happens when we read the same book and have very distinct opinions about it (we’re just posting one review, first one who finishes has dibs). Our schedules are at ends and we do this because we need an outlet for our book infatuation, but it’s also done during our “free” time. So please bare with us and hopefully we’ll have a great blog for you to love to visit.

We’re Ceci, Dali and Ingri (sorry chickie, I needed to make that rhyme), and this is us.

Ceci (a.k.a. Ces BookGeek)

I am a hyperactive wife, mother, lawyer, teacher, daughter, sister and friend. My passion for reading started at an early age; it was fed by an unforgettable literature teacher in junior high and high school, and then it remained somewhat dormant during my new adult years (yeah!book lingo and all). Maybe having to read so much in law school made me lazy; I also got bored of all the “intellectual” books that were pushed down my throat by friends. Anyway, I grew up reading 80’s young adult novels like the Heartbreak Café and Sweet Valley High. Then one day, in my late twenties a book called Twilight was published, and just like that, my curiosity and my love for books was revived! Reading that book was a trigger and it helped me find great treasures and new friends.

My first reads were entirely based on Paranormal Romance, either YA or Adult. Of course, after finding the “adult” books, I now stay away from YA unless it is a recommendation from someone I know or, it’s a book with high ratings. Nowadays I read contemporary romance, new adult books, erotica with a plot and I’m still faithful to PNR.

What I don’t like in a book: Unnecessary drama. Stupid heroes/heroines who make harsh decisions without asking first. Porn on paper. Unbelievable insta-love (this always takes one star away from my ratings. I only believe in insta-love in paranormal or fantasy. Real life not so much, the author has to sell it really good for me to buy). Incessant self-loading and insecurities from a character. Horrible editing. Cliffhangers when the next book is going to take more than six months to come out (if that is the case, I wait for the whole series to be published). A book with no HEA (which never happens in romance so…. Any other genre I don’t mind). First person POV’s have to be real, if I am diving into the head of “regular” person, then such person should think like a real person; people don’t think in metaphors and analogies all the time, if writers want to be overly lyrical they should stay away from first person POV.

Aside from the above, I am very easy to please. I love alpha male heroes, but you can throw a sweet beta male my way and won’t complain. I love books that make you swoon and forget about real life drama and real life relationships (aka real men).  Moreover, if you want my heart forever, throw me a book with spy/assassins/conspiracy/action/forbidden romance. I will dive into it right away. Why? Well if you want to know, I am a hard-core fan of La Femme Nikita, for me there is no other couple that equals Michael Samuel and Nikita, even if they never got their real HEA; therefore I’m a sucker for these plots.

oh and did I mention I am a Video Game geek ohh yeaahh!! RPG’s rule

Dali (a.k.a. The Star Wars and Star Trek Geek)

A friend suggested that instead of using my name I should call myself something “mean and scary” like the book bitch. He’s obviously never read my reviews because if he had, he would know I’m fairly easy to please. As long as I get my happy ending and there are no incessant inner whiny monologues from ANY character and we can avoid the wishy-washy heroines and steer clear of dumb decision making, you know the kind where the worst assumptions are made, no one asks what really happened, no one considers intervening to clear up misunderstandings a causing the heroes endless pain, then I’m good.

Ok, so I may be a bit demanding, but I do try to be as honest with the books I read as possible. I love to include quotes to state my case and sometimes just because they’re so swoony they make my insides go all gooey.

I will also take advantage and push eco-friendly advice. Shhh, the gals don’t know about this yet, but I’ll try to sneak those in once in a while.

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If you want to request reviews, we will gladly accept, we are not very picky.  Just abstain to request them if your book has more than two of our don’ts. We promise to be objective and to never, ever be mean or disrespect your work. If we don’t like your book for any reason we will, review and provide feedback for such reasons. If for any reason, it becomes a DNF we will not rate, because I truly believe that you cannot rate something you didn’t finish….


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DNF = Did Not Finish

HEA = Happily Ever After (endings)

HFN = Happy For Now (endings)

POV = Point Of View

PNR = Paranormal Romance books

TBR = To Be Read

YA = Young Adult (books about 15 to 18 year olds, no explicit or descriptive sex scenes. Although some portray teen sexual activity)

NA = New Adult (Books about 18 to 25 year olds, usually in College. Books about your very firsts screw ups and achievements as an adult)


BDSM = an acronym used to describe a variety of kinky activities. BD stands for bondage & discipline. DS stands for dominance and submission and SM stands for sadism and masochism.

Dom = shortened version of the word Dominant

Domme = dominatrix or female dominant

Dominant = term for the person who takes control in BDSM play

Limits = these can be hard or soft. A hard limit is a sexual act that a player will absolutely not consider and a soft limit is something they may consider but are unsure of.

Masochism = deriving sexual pleasure from receiving pain

M/F = a male/female heterosexual pairing

PWP = Porn without plot

Safeword = very important in D/s play. A word the submissive can use to slow down or stop a scene if it is becoming too much for them. Can also be used by the top.

S/m = sadomasochism

Sub = shortened form of the word submissive

Submissive = the person giving up control to the dominant

Topping from the Bottom = an expression used to describe the practice of a sub attempting to control the dom and the scene.

Mad Love

Mad Love - Colet Abedi *I received a copy via Netgalley in exchange of honest review*

Mad Love.... Mad Story...or drove me Mad Love

I tried. I would have liked the book if the story had been handled differently. What was the problem you may ask? My answer: The main characters.

Sophie Walker is a 23-year-old woman that turned her life upside down. She decided to change and do what she really loves, against her parents’ wishes… good for her. She then goes on vacation to the Maldives… to that famous hotel with the water Huts/bungalows in order to find herself, and forget about her “failures”. She is not alone though, her best friend Erik and his partner Orie go with her. As soon as Sophie arrives, she sees a gorgeous guy and INSTA-LOVE! With sexy English dude Clayton.. *huge eye roll*

You see, insta-love sometimes works for me, there are stories where it is handled in such a way you feel the connection between characters believable; you get to see them together for a few days, even a week and then things progress from there. This book did not do it for me for several reasons and I will try to explain thoroughly.

First of all, Sophie’s personality. Yep, I did not like her; she was weak, annoying, immature, unrealistically naïve; needed too much reassurance therefore insecure as hell and, to top all that she was a virgin. I don’t mean to say that being a virgin at 23 is bad, I know a lot of women like that, even older and they are perfectly fine, works for me, it’s OK. The bad part here is the way it is handled. The first half of the book is centered on EVERYONE saying something about it: her friends, the masseuse/healer, Clayton; she gets embarrassed about it and acts like a freaking teenager around it. I got tired of everyone saying Oh! your innocence, you’re innocent, etc… yadda yadda *yawns*.

Then, the second half of the book centers around her giving up the V-card (which was actually pretty awesome BTW), at least the scene and the way it happens is very romantic, any girl would want her first time like that, I’m sure. But, there is always a big but…. After all that, she kept doubting herself, doubting Clayton; her insecurities obscured her good judgment to a moronic point. And to top it all, the book ends with a cliffhanger in the most ridiculously clichéd way EVER! My everlasting complaint.. Why authors keep giving us IDIOTS for heroines, have they never heard the phrase “ask before you judge”, “don’t jump to conclusions without hearing the facts”, “there is always two sides to a story”. NO, you get the idiot who assumes the worse and does something stupid, idiotic and completely unreal.

Second issue: Clayton a broody, possessive, cryptic, hot and freaking rich character. Falls for Sophie by just looking at her and wants her immediately. He pursues her for a little over 24hrs until she obviously caves. He finds out she is a virgin right from the start and that made me feel uncomfortable. Why? Because after he find out, the I want you behavior felt kind of predatory, stalker-ish and creepy; like I want to deflower the girl and no one will stop me, not even her…. Even if I am 11 years older. He didn’t give away much about himself, his personality was off the charts, I just couldn’t love him…

And then there was this scene, totally unnecessary, totally ridiculous.. I just didn’t fit so soon in the story…exes drama…. *pulls hair* I am not going there aghhh.

The ONLY redeemable quality of this book is the friendship. Erick and Olie are sweethearts and I loved how they cared for Sophie, especially Erick.. I loved their backstory and fell for them instantly. Just near the end, they should have been the voice of reason but hey failed me… it was like WTF?

Anyway, the book has good ratings overall and lots people liked it. It was not my cup of tea, It just felt forced and with an urgency to write about what all others are writing about the rich possessive dude, and the innocent twenty-something…