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There are many things we have in common, every day very real things like the fact we are wives, mothers, some of us have a job or several. We are friends who enjoy each other’s company while having coffee or playing cards. But what brought us together here is our passion for books, our weakness for hot alpha males and our love for a good story that we’ll take with us for a long, long time, especially when it makes us cry.

This blog was an inevitable, unavoidable, natural evolution to our book buddy friendship. We are still having hard time figure things out like what happens when we read the same book and have very distinct opinions about it (we’re just posting one review, first one who finishes has dibs). Our schedules are at ends and we do this because we need an outlet for our book infatuation, but it’s also done during our “free” time. So please bare with us and hopefully we’ll have a great blog for you to love to visit.

We’re Ceci, Dali and Ingri (sorry chickie, I needed to make that rhyme), and this is us.

Ceci (a.k.a. Ces BookGeek)

I am a hyperactive wife, mother, lawyer, teacher, daughter, sister and friend. My passion for reading started at an early age; it was fed by an unforgettable literature teacher in junior high and high school, and then it remained somewhat dormant during my new adult years (yeah!book lingo and all). Maybe having to read so much in law school made me lazy; I also got bored of all the “intellectual” books that were pushed down my throat by friends. Anyway, I grew up reading 80’s young adult novels like the Heartbreak Café and Sweet Valley High. Then one day, in my late twenties a book called Twilight was published, and just like that, my curiosity and my love for books was revived! Reading that book was a trigger and it helped me find great treasures and new friends.

My first reads were entirely based on Paranormal Romance, either YA or Adult. Of course, after finding the “adult” books, I now stay away from YA unless it is a recommendation from someone I know or, it’s a book with high ratings. Nowadays I read contemporary romance, new adult books, erotica with a plot and I’m still faithful to PNR.

What I don’t like in a book: Unnecessary drama. Stupid heroes/heroines who make harsh decisions without asking first. Porn on paper. Unbelievable insta-love (this always takes one star away from my ratings. I only believe in insta-love in paranormal or fantasy. Real life not so much, the author has to sell it really good for me to buy). Incessant self-loading and insecurities from a character. Horrible editing. Cliffhangers when the next book is going to take more than six months to come out (if that is the case, I wait for the whole series to be published). A book with no HEA (which never happens in romance so…. Any other genre I don’t mind). First person POV’s have to be real, if I am diving into the head of “regular” person, then such person should think like a real person; people don’t think in metaphors and analogies all the time, if writers want to be overly lyrical they should stay away from first person POV.

Aside from the above, I am very easy to please. I love alpha male heroes, but you can throw a sweet beta male my way and won’t complain. I love books that make you swoon and forget about real life drama and real life relationships (aka real men).  Moreover, if you want my heart forever, throw me a book with spy/assassins/conspiracy/action/forbidden romance. I will dive into it right away. Why? Well if you want to know, I am a hard-core fan of La Femme Nikita, for me there is no other couple that equals Michael Samuel and Nikita, even if they never got their real HEA; therefore I’m a sucker for these plots.

oh and did I mention I am a Video Game geek ohh yeaahh!! RPG’s rule

Dali (a.k.a. The Star Wars and Star Trek Geek)

A friend suggested that instead of using my name I should call myself something “mean and scary” like the book bitch. He’s obviously never read my reviews because if he had, he would know I’m fairly easy to please. As long as I get my happy ending and there are no incessant inner whiny monologues from ANY character and we can avoid the wishy-washy heroines and steer clear of dumb decision making, you know the kind where the worst assumptions are made, no one asks what really happened, no one considers intervening to clear up misunderstandings a causing the heroes endless pain, then I’m good.

Ok, so I may be a bit demanding, but I do try to be as honest with the books I read as possible. I love to include quotes to state my case and sometimes just because they’re so swoony they make my insides go all gooey.

I will also take advantage and push eco-friendly advice. Shhh, the gals don’t know about this yet, but I’ll try to sneak those in once in a while.

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If you want to request reviews, we will gladly accept, we are not very picky.  Just abstain to request them if your book has more than two of our don’ts. We promise to be objective and to never, ever be mean or disrespect your work. If we don’t like your book for any reason we will, review and provide feedback for such reasons. If for any reason, it becomes a DNF we will not rate, because I truly believe that you cannot rate something you didn’t finish….


Same as GoodReads


DNF = Did Not Finish

HEA = Happily Ever After (endings)

HFN = Happy For Now (endings)

POV = Point Of View

PNR = Paranormal Romance books

TBR = To Be Read

YA = Young Adult (books about 15 to 18 year olds, no explicit or descriptive sex scenes. Although some portray teen sexual activity)

NA = New Adult (Books about 18 to 25 year olds, usually in College. Books about your very firsts screw ups and achievements as an adult)


BDSM = an acronym used to describe a variety of kinky activities. BD stands for bondage & discipline. DS stands for dominance and submission and SM stands for sadism and masochism.

Dom = shortened version of the word Dominant

Domme = dominatrix or female dominant

Dominant = term for the person who takes control in BDSM play

Limits = these can be hard or soft. A hard limit is a sexual act that a player will absolutely not consider and a soft limit is something they may consider but are unsure of.

Masochism = deriving sexual pleasure from receiving pain

M/F = a male/female heterosexual pairing

PWP = Porn without plot

Safeword = very important in D/s play. A word the submissive can use to slow down or stop a scene if it is becoming too much for them. Can also be used by the top.

S/m = sadomasochism

Sub = shortened form of the word submissive

Submissive = the person giving up control to the dominant

Topping from the Bottom = an expression used to describe the practice of a sub attempting to control the dom and the scene.

Maybe Matt's Miracle

Maybe Matt's Miracle - Tammy Falkner 3.5 I know I know... don't slap me.. I love Matt anyways!

Let's just say that this book did not live to my expectations. Don't get me wrong I love the Reed brothers and Matt is one of my favs! But the truth is, this story felt forced, it lacked plot and was over the top cheesy and über unreal. (I know it's fiction but.... really?)

While reading the book I was picturing this:


After surviving cancer and a sad betrayal from his longtime girlfriend, Matt hasn’t been looking for love. When he meets Skylar, everything changes. He feels and instant connection/attraction to her and begins his onslaught… He just invades her life and starts asking her is she’s in love with him already… (second day they see each other). He is super attentive, adorable and just too perfect; like unreal, unbelievably perfect… in every way possible, we didn’t get to see any flaws whatsoever.

Skylar is alone. She is a girl who grew up lacking attention and love from her parents due to dire circumstances. Her parents do love her, but they star showing it a little late, therefore she is wary of falling in love. She also feels a connection with Matt. They meet at her sister’s funeral. The thing is, she is also wary because now she has to take care of her sister’s three children by herself, and she just doesn’t know how to be a Mom.

Matt and Sky end up together obviously, he helps her with the kids and she learns to love and, provides unconditional love for those kids and Matt.

Seems rather nice right? Yep, it was nice, and sweet and cute but… something important was missing. I felt that the whole book was just a passage in order to set Paul’s story, a way to just provide Matt with a nice HEA without giving too much thought to the plot, deep feelings and emotional connections. Every chapter is just one cheesy scene after the other, lines and lines of goo! I like sweet and cheesy stories, this was just too much.

Even the sex; I mean when they eventually end up in bed, which happens like super-fast also, even when Matt kept telling himself it was not about the sex..It all became stale, like oh yes, they are compatible, oh yes they go for some deserved nookie and it was like… like This:


I do love the Reeds’. I do believe Tammy is a fabulous author and I am so looking forward for the next installments. I just really hope Paul and Friday deliver, their story can be intriguing and more around the “enemies to lovers” side…. But sweet and not overdone like this one.
Oh! If they get a pet, eventually….. this is Matt! Such a cutie!


To Professor, with Love

To Professor, with Love - Linda Kage This is the story of Noel, a student and Aspen, a teacher and the all-consuming love they find in each other. This book is no way taboo, it's sweet, tender and totally NA!!! just adorable!!

This book has mixed reviews and I can understand why; I liked it as a whole but, I actually agree the story is bombarded with cliché’s and several WTF moments that lulled the amazing possibilities of the plot-line.

This was supposed to be a “forbidden romance” and in a way it is, but without taking the chance to make it realistic. Why I say this? Well, for starters, Dr. Kavanagh is only 23 years old, a very much “needed” situation to appease maybe the author and readers because let’s face it: a story about a cougar and a 20 year old boy wouldn’t have flown in the New Adult world. (Although I would have totally read it)

How did the author accomplish a 3 year gap between the main characters? She gave Aspen a very high IQ, therefore she skipped school a few years; her goal is to teach and she already finished a PhD. (That was easy, right?) She is also shy, introverted and doesn’t have any friends LITERALLY, not even a darn imaginary one… poor girl. She has a past trauma that involves a football player in high school (typical drama, used in too many novels these days)

On the other hand, we have Noel Gamble, the football player, super star QB with a poverty background and a very, very screwed up family dynamic. He practically supports his three siblings. Obviously he has a reputation (cliché) with women who throw themselves at him unabashedly. What can I say, the bad-boy-screws-girls-like-a-true-asshat-but-does-it-because-he-has-issues-but-deep-down-I-am.sweet-and-a-softy-good-boy….. bla bla bla equals = TRITE.

If you manage to withstand my writing and read up to this line, you may be thinking, why the hell did she give the book 4 stars? The truth is, like I said beforehand, I really liked the book as a whole. If you take hold of the story and the way these two actually fit together; their chemistry and the hotness once they give in! It is worth the effort. They evolve and grow together, they fall hopelessly in love despite their young age, despite their circumstances and Aspen learns to let go of her fears and overcomes all the setbacks in her life. And.. Kudos for the epilogue! I loved it.

I also loved the idea of inviting the whole gang behind this book. We see appearances from Mase and Reese and how this, eventually will evolve into more stories. Of course, I need to state, for the record, that the whole Mrs. R.. showing up: unnecessary… pointless… lame… could have lived without that.. really.

Wrapping up I can say that I am in love with every character! Mase, Reese, Sarah, Eva, Pick, Noel, Aspen, Ten (Zero), Caroline and Quinn *sighs*.


Alpha - Jasinda Wilder 3.5 Stars *sadly*

I have mixed feelings here…. Up until the 50% mark the book was going well… a bit cheesy on the dialogues but… doing well. Insanely tantalizing and hot!!! I was totally hooked and very interested to find more about both characters and….I ‘ll try to explain.

I don’t need to summarize the plot.. the blurb says it all. It’s an amazing blurb and the idea of the plotline is engaging. The problem here was execution. No one had to tell or warn me that I was delving into an erotica storyline. I already know and found out that Jasinda Wilder writes erotica and that these books are completely different from her NA books. I wasn’t expecting poignant and emotional. But, after the Stripped fiasco, I believed she would come up with something under the lines of Wounded, which was erotica with a deep connection and plot.

Alpha in some ways did not disappoint, the story is engaging and gets you hooked from the start; you want to keep reading so you can find out who’s the mystery man, why did he provide for her, etc. Things are revealed methodically, bit by bit, enticing the reader with smoldering, tender and opulent encounters. This man needed to earn Kylie’s trust, he kept his identity hidden from her, therefore she was blindfolded in the beginning, this.. made everything more stimulating. He was an interesting character, so intriguing that I wanted to learn everything about him and, sadly, this did not happen.You get glimpses of his past, of the way he makes his fortune and hints about why he is so reclusive and private.. to the point of mild-paranoia. I expected a darker side, an Alpha with some diverse proclivities.

Don’t get me wrong, he was dominant in the bedroom, super-hot, but, overall he was just a really nice guy, kind of one-dimensional and just too good to be true: Hot, insanely rich, attentive and respectful. The light development of his character did not fit the whole perspective…. I also know a lot of you are loving the book!!! And, there is much to love specially the sexiness and lots of nookie… my feeling about this…. It overshadowed the story.. too much sex and little plot, which I don’t mind in certain books; on this one I would’ve rather had plot.

The story revolves around a secret too, when Kyrie arrives He tells her that he has a secret that will change things and, He would tell her in due time. Yep…. Easy I knew the secret up front since it was just too damn obvious. Also, when she arrives, she learns he’s been watching her for a while and, the stories that are told around that… I don’t know, they somewhat felt forced and a little ridiculous…. Reading time was wasted talking about clothes, brands and long sexual encounters.

My ultimate book peeve evermore present: TIME. He tells her up front he wants her for a year and then poof, everything happens in the span of a week, (and if I am wrong correct me please) maybe a week and a half… I mean see this: she arrives one evening, they are introduced, they talk, they have dinner and poof First Kiss. They finish reading, Kylie retires to her “quarters” and at 2:00 am wakes up to get a beer… second encounter, and they go for a little petting. Breakfast, more petting. In the evening they go to dinner, opera.. heavy petting. He leaves 2 days for work, then returns for more heavy, heavy, heavy petting. One more day and they go sailing, dinner and… poof they have earth shattering amazing sex. They wake up, more sex… breakfast, they realize they are in love, then secret revealed… some drama and… that’s it…. You need to read for the ending ….

I can’t say how sorry I am, maybe I am just too demanding when it comes to authors I follow, but I just felt the book lacking, I wanted more, way more. It was such a promising plotline that I believe it would have been a lot better if it had gone to the dark romance edge adding some sweetness altogether, because it is a formula that also works.

I will not say I don’t recommend the book, you need to read it to judge, but this is my humble opinion and I was kind of disappointed for the last 50% of the book, so 4 stars for the first half, 2 for the last.

Blind Faith

Blind Faith - Rebecca Zanetti 5 super stars!!!

These books are so awesome, I can't begin to think about the way I will manage to wait a year for the next installment!.
An intriguing ARC!, riveting, inventive and original plotline! Action packed, sweet, swoony and oh so sexy!

This is Nate's story, and it delivers!!! It was everything I was expecting and more! Flawless writing (as expected), the flow of narrative and thoughts were balanced and the alternate POV’s had a natural flow, no over-thoughts,… just perfect!!

It is difficult to write a review when you have a story that is back to back full with suspense, action and intrigue. I fear of giving away spoilers, ruin the plot or just mess up with guesses. Therefore, I will not provide a summary, I will not say what the story is about, nothing!!! Here me out, and I already said this in previous reviews: Dive into these books BLIND! Don’t read spoilers or reviews, the conspiracy and suspense angle is amazing and it continues from book to book, it has a main ARC so the stories can’t be read as standalones! Things just keep getting better and better and I see a MIND BLOWING climatic, anguishing and nerve-wracking resolution coming on the fourth book.. OMG!

What I can say is that, Nate and Audrey were awesome, meant for each other and shared a profound love. The Dean boys sure know how to love; it’s the emotion that has been keeping them human, afloat and full of hope. Audrey was a great heroine, I understood her decisions and made peace with her past; she chooses well in the end.

The Dean family is growing! And Grandpa Jim was the freaking bomb! I loved him as a character and I believe he will be an adorable and highly needed father figure in this picture! I suspect everyone will fall in love with him!!!

I highly recommend these books!!! They are now on my top favorites list!

Full review also on our blog TJlovestoread

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge - Rebecca Zanetti SUCH A COOL ARC PLOT!! LOVE IT TOO


Phenomenal X

Phenomenal X - Michelle A. Valentine Oh Dear. This is going to be a though one. 3 stars is being good to the author. … I usually don’t do gifs, but this is worth the effort!

When I think of professional wrestling this is what I see: (because it totally sucks!)EEEEEEEK!


Maybe if I can picture X, this guy would do:


I was expecting more, really…. This book was one cliché after another and I almost made it a DNF.. and then a cliffy….. *yawns*

A naïve girl, 21 years old leaves her controlling father to “live life”. Meets X in plane, X comes to her, girls plays hard to get and constantly doubts herself. X keeps pursuing her, girl keeps thinking she’s is not that pretty, X keeps pushing to be “friends”, girl gets job, X goes to girls job and offers her an assistant job, girl denies job, X was currently banging other assistant, girl gets fired from job and accepts assistant job.

All of this during the span of a week. Then girl goes with X, does nothing regarding job and bangs X. They declare their love some days later (no more than 2 weeks pass). X has broken past, girl comforts him…. And X does something stupid and cliffy…. *yawns*

I’m sorry… I didn’t like it… Total waste of my precious reading time. Bye Now!!!


Veiled Innocence

Veiled Innocence - Ella Frank 3.5 to 4 stars.

There is something so alluring about forbidden love stories; I am compelled to read them even if sometimes the theme is just wrong  on so many levels…. But when it comes to romance and love, everything is valid.. after all “All’s fair in love and war”.

Student/teacher stories are hard for me to read and ultimately understand.. I teach high school kids so it just rubs me the wrong way. Even seniors before my eyes are still immature, young children who need lots of guidance and have no idea about their place in the world, much less what they want out of life.

Having said that, after reading this book and experiencing a story about an 18 year-old damaged girl and her 32 year-old world history teacher, I definitely had to mentally prepare myself in order to read this for what it is: Fiction, romance and finally, a story were love conquers all.
Addison (Addy) is a sad girl; she has severe OCD issues with time (tick tick tock) and counting due to a traumatic incident involving her younger brother. She has made it her goal to seem perfect, to be perfect for her parents (who are not very good to her), school and everyone else around her. She is dating the school popular jock; she is the star of the track team; she has good grades, etc. Perfect. But inside she is a broken mess and the only positive thing in her life is her Doctor (Doc). Her senior year begins and she meets Mr. McKendrik… time stops (literally) and she is determined to have him, even if it means going to the point of becoming a bold, cunning, and über stalker.

McKendrik, is just a 32 year-old man, who ends up teaching in that particular school in Denver because his father is sick and dying. He is there to be with him until the end. When he meet Addy, he was attracted to her, obviously she is pretty and alluring but he dismisses the attraction immediately. He never stands a chance against her bold advances… he ends up giving in.

Now to the book itself: the writing was great!! I loved how the book jumped from present to past. Reading about present events was the only thing that helped me warm up to Addy a little bit. I was not a big fan of her, not really. Despite her issues and needs and the way she felt with McKendrik, I couldn’t seem to shake the fact about the way she came on to him, I mean yes teenagers and 18 year-olds are sometimes sexually active, more than we care to admit obviously, but, just thinking about a daughter of mine behaving that way… NO NO NO. Even if she is “legally” an adult (which I believe is an understatement, because at 18… nope, they still do very very stupid things, very un-adulty-ish). Therefore, I had a hard time warming up to her character, I found her slutty, instead of forthcoming or just sure of herself. She made it her goal to seduce and lure the guy…
Him, on the other hand, tries to stop her. He never reports her though… why? Well because he actually threw ethics off the window and gave in to temptation. Enough said.

Did I like the book? Yes and sort of. I can give a solid 4 stars for the writing and execution, but the 3.5 is for depth. I still would have liked interactions with them before the sexy times, to actually start off with some sort of friendship. For him to make an effort in order for her to open up and stop being so bold and throwing herself at him. For them to form a connection/love/understanding/feelings before sex… the way it is written is just lust and then.. poof! Magically after a few weeks they love each other…. This may work with other books, with other couples, but here, given the situation and the forbidden part of it, and the risk of jail time.. it didn’t work for me.

Also, the epilogue was… not an epilogue. I definitely needed more resolution. The ending left me wanting more of them, together, to see them interact without the baggage but, we didn’t get it and that irked me.. badly.

All in all, I recommend the story if you are into these kind of books. It is good, sexy and easy to read; Ella Frank doesn’t disappoint, maybe you will find my peeves to be your delight!!!!

Three Rivers

Three Rivers - Chloe T. Barlow Five Solid Stars!!!

I am so glad I read this book. This was provided by a blogger for a review tour and I don’t regret it one bit, even if I am doing this at an insane hour!!! I devoured this book in one day!! It’s that good.

Althea (Tea), a thirty-year-old widow and mother of a five-year-old child, still grieving her husband after almost 6 years; she lives with constant guilt and regrets, unable to move on with her life. She has lovable and pushy friends who finally convince her to go out and “misbehave” at least for one night.

Griffen (funny name by the way) a thirty-one-year-old bestselling author living the big life in New York, who ran away from his hometown to forget his past. Now, he is back for two weeks and he is in for the ride (literally and figuratively) of a lifetime! Out on the town, having a drink sulking at the bar until he eavesdrops a “charming” conversation between three women…

I usually try not to give away plot during my reviews, because I don’t like reading reviews that spoil the whole story, even if it’s “spoiler free” sometimes they just say too much and the I just don’t read the book. Having said that, I can assure this review will provide praise or critique about the book, the writing, characters and plot….. *grins like and idiot* who am I kidding, I can only say I LOVED EVERY SINGLE WORD!!! Yeah! That is constructive…

Truth be told I started reading the book completely blind. I didn’t even read the blurb and thank God I did, because everything was mystery, everything was just new and I loved unwrapping the present word by word. The story was highly predictable… at 20% I knew the ending and… everything else but, that didn’t bother me one bit, it actually made me get into it more and more to prove my theories…

The writing is superb! Amazing prose, just the way a book like this one should be written. I tend to dislike romance books written in third person (hope this is the correct term) going back and forth with characters POV’s (like the omnipresent narrator) due to the fact authors usually have the tendency to drag thoughts about a particular things for pages, and pages. And then, you actually have to read the same thing all over again from both characters and it becomes insanely annoying (hope I am actually explaining myself). With this book, I was never annoyed, didn’t get tired because I couldn’t find any flaws. Characters thoughts were not “overthought” .

I also want to praise the rich vocabulary; Thank you Chloe I highlighted several words for my English repertoire. Metaphors and analogies were abundant but never used excessively and they were beautiful, they just enhanced the reading experience.

Next: THE STORY IS HOT!!! Oh yeah! The sexy-smexy times between Griffen and Tea were smoldering! They had this unbelievable chemistry and although hot they were also endearing, sweet and totally adorable. Their banter, jokes and use of their nicknames was the highlight of the book. I loved Griffen’s sense of humor and the way Tea blossomed to a self-assured sexual being!

Jenna and Aubrey were the best friends ever! Supportive, loyal and completely meddlesome. In the right effin way! I loved both of them and I am so glad to hear they will get their own stories (which I obviously will read).

The suspense part was well delivered, although like I said predictable, but it enhances the book and it plays a very important role as to the way things end up between Tea and Griff. I also need to say that I have a personal scuffle (or pet peeve) with insta-love books, were characters fall in love in a matter of days/week, but here, there was two week window and due to circumstances, well… I bought it… when the author knows how to sell a story, you can’t miss it.
I strongly recommend this book!!!

PS: I would love a novella about Jack and Tea back in college…. Aubrey with Trey… yes please the tattooed, pierced, computer nerd! For her!! And I am awaiting Jenna’s book… that teaser was oooohhhh so interesting

Once upon a Billionaire

Once upon a Billionaire - Jessica Clare Simply adorable....

Review to come

Claim Me


Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes - S.M. Lynn, Cover to Cover Designs WTF
A CLIFFHANGER W/O WARNING, NO NO NO NO.... it doesn't say it's book 1, nothihg...

Review to come

Dominic (Slater Brothers)

Dominic (Slater Brothers) - L.A. Casey First of all, we must thank the author for her warning; it really helps understand what you are about to read. If I hadn't read such warning I probably would have DNF this book... I am glad I didn't.

Aside from the cussing; the aggressive banter and childish behavior of our characters, they pull through and grow in the end. Both Dominic and Bee had strong personalities and they completely crashed. Bee was completely inexperienced and a very angry girl inside but... I ended up warming to her because under all that batshit-crazy behavior she was strong and kind-hearted.

I had no problems with the accents and all that stuff; I don't even understand why people are complaining about it. I actually admire the author for being patient and understanding, and trying so hard to make readers comprehend how SHE speaks and were SHE is from. I also read her bio and SHE is young; therefore I strongly believe she actually gave us a true picture of things that go on in Dublin and how a part of Dublin's society speak, work, behave, etc... Maybe not all of them are like this, but there has to be truth in it; even if someone else is from Ireland and don't like it,, then maybe they did not came face to face with a part of their own society. I am Mexican, and I hate when Mexico is stereotyped, etc.. But when a Mexican writes about Mexico you see truth even if such truth is not part of your upbringing or where you're from....

Having said that, I can continue talking about the book. I'm not going to be very thorough, I am just going to pinpoint what I liked and what made me give it hte rating above.

1.- Strong female character with lots of flaws. Her personality was not sugarcoated.
2.- It had it's funny moments, some of the banter was hilarious.
3.- FIve hot brothers who support and love each other given their circumstances.
4.- Brenna (lovely sister)
5.- Growth in the end
6.- The premise for more books about these hot brothers.
7.- Plot was resolved in order to focus the next stories on personal growth and changes.
8.- A hate to love story..
9.- The brothers past and "jobs"

1.- Characters are too young for my taste... the situations were above and beyond their maturity level...
2.- The fights between Nico and Bee felt like too many... I would have preferred them a couple around 40% on the book. I did get tired at some point; I felt it was just too much drama and hurtful behavior.
3.- Bee was very immature and yes she did and said lots of stupid things.
4.- The kissing booth.. I mean really? That happens??? If I had a daughter and that happened at her school I would so not condone it and I am not a prude.

Overall if you mentally prepare, read the warnings and dive into the story with all of that in your head, it is an enjoyable and good book. It is well written also, I found very few typos here and there and that is huge for a self-pub. Great job, keep writing!!!! L.A. Casey, you give me hope and soon I will be in your shoes.. (and my characters will be in Mexico!!! LET'S KILL STEREOTYPES)

Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable Doubt - Whitney Gracia Williams Whe I read a serial, I always wait for the last book to come out in order to do a full review on the story as a whole. Therefore, I will refrain from a review right now. I caa only say I loved it and I am looking forward to the next volume.

Please help stalk the author so we can get it soon, soon, very soon!!! I need this soon!!! LOL


Infraction - K.I. Lynn review later

I AM HOOKED and now I am traumatized becasue I didn't see that book 3 comes out in MAY... I don't mind really since we don't have a cliffy... it ends well, everything is good but..... OMG I can't wait to see the next fallout...

BTW... F*** the Boob Squad!!! they had it comming!


Dissolution - K.I. Lynn WOW.. his side of the fall.... poor damaged, scared, tainted, traumatized Mr. Thorne.... I ♥ you.

Great Exploitations: Sin in San Fran

Great Exploitations: Sin in San Fran - Nicole Williams THESE BOOKS need to come out faster.... it's killing me....